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Well, I wasn't sure I appreciated it until it wasn't there any more. My steering, my sister asked me to drive her to the hospital in her car. My husband was going to them pick me up from work.

I was fine with this and it was for a planned procedure, nothing drastic, and everything thank the Lord went well.

But I also learned something.

I like my steering numb.

I wasn't sure why but her car felt all off. It felt like I encountered every bump in the road, it shook my fingers. It was strange. On the way home with my husband he explained it to me.

Numb steering is where you don't get feedback through the steering wheel from the tires and suspension. Steering systems where the wheel and suspension are directly connected, you'll get a lot of vibration and pull in the wheel, which an experienced driver can interpret road conditions, traction, handling characteristics, and attitude of the car.

For normal daily driving, communicative steering may be a nuisance.

So when you are driving, and you hit a pothole, you can feel the jolt of the suspension coming through the tires and into the steering wheel. Ad that's normal. But there are some older cars that you really can't feel that sensation at all. That is what it means when the car is "numb".

Communicative is better just because you actually know what the car is feeling. Without it, you could be riding on different surfaces or riding off the road really and the steering wheel would react in the same fashion as if you were on new asphalt.

My sister was always the sportier out of the two of us.